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About Us

Dave and CindyDave and Cynthia Schrodt opened Brown County Winery in 1986 in a small retail shop located in the heart of the Village of Nashville behind the Nashville House. Dave, a winemaker, felt that Nashville was a prime location for a small winery, since the community was deeply rooted in the arts. The gentle rolling hills made for the perfect backdrop. The first year they produced five wines. As the demand and popularity for their wine grew, they soon outgrew the original winery and had to build a winery on their private property near Lake Lemon just to keep up with the demand.

In 2000, they expanded again by opening a larger winery and tasting room in the distinctive town of Gnawbone on IN-46, a short five miles from the original location.

Dave and Cynthia set a goal to produce high quality local wines, while offering them at a reasonable price.  They wanted their customers to have an educational and enjoyable tasting experience, in a relaxed atmosphere. Dave worked hard to produce award-winning dry, semi-sweet, and sweet wines from French Hybrid grapes grown in the Midwest and from a variety of berries and apples. Their wine making style emphasizes natural flavors in their grape wines, as well as in their fruit wines.

At Brown County Winery, they are not afraid to use cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, or any other type of fruit to create the next new product. Although their bestselling wines are sweet and semi-sweet, they also offer award winning dry wines. Their wines exemplify what Brown County is all about, handcrafted, and locally made products. They believe that quality wine should be available to everyone regardless of their experience. Finding a wine to match your individual taste is easy whether you're an experienced wine consumer or a novice.

Dave and Cynthia guarantee that no matter what your personal taste it, your visit to Brown County Winery will prove to be an enjoyable, satisfying, and a highlight of your trip to Brown County. Watch the wines being made through large glass windows in the winery tasting room.

Both locations offer free wine sampling, gourmet foods, wine and wine-related gifts. The tasting room on IN-46 offers tours of the facility. Open 7 days a week.