Frequently Asked Questions

Brown County Winery Blackberry Wine

Where do you make your wine?

We make all of our wine at the winery on State Road 46 east of Nashville.

Where do you get your grapes/fruit?

We have fruit sent to the winery from all over the country with the majority coming from the growing regions of New York, Oregon, and California. We are just beginning to grow our own grapes. 

What is your best selling wine?

Vista Red is our most popular wine and the Blackberry is our most popular fruit wine (and second overall).

Can I purchase and taste wine on Sunday?

Yes, we sell wine on Sunday and our free wine tastings are available 7 days a week. 

Do you sell wine by the glass?

You can purchase wine by the glass or bottle to drink at the winery on State Road 46 to enjoy on our outdoor deck or at the bar.  There is no indoor seating at the winery and wine is not sold by by the glass at the tasting room in the village of Nashville.

Are children permitted in the winery?

Families are welcome at both of our locations.  Everybody under 21 must be accompanied by adult.

Brown County Winery Gnaw Bone

Can I buy your wine online?

Yes!  Please click here to go to our online store.  All customer must be over 21 and all deliveries require an adult signature.

Is your wine available in retail stores?

Yes!  Please click here to visit our Indiana locations that sell our wine.  Not all wines may be available; feel free to ask your retailer to get a larger selection.  If you are a retailer and want to carry our wine, please contact Carroll Wine and Spirits.

Are pets allowed in the tasting rooms?

Yes!  All pets are welcome in the winery or on the porch as you enjoy a glass.

Do you need an appointment to taste?

No. An appointment is not neccessary to taste wine at either location.

Do you accept large groups for tasting?

Yes.  Please call 812-988-6144 in advance for groups over 15.  We do not have a private tasting area.

Do you host large events like weddings or banquets?

No we do not.  Please visit for information on event spaces in Brown County.


Do you ship wine related merchandise?

Yes we can!  All wine related merchandise can be shipped directly to you.  The items are not listed on the online store, please call us at 812-988-6144 to place an order.

What is the recipe for hot mulled wine?

1 bottle of Vista Red, Apple, or Cranberry Apple Wine

4 Brown County Winery Spice Bags

1/2 - 3/4 cups brown sugar

1/2 cup water

Heat in a crockpot or on a stovetop. Do not boil.

The recipe we use is different than the one on the box.  The Spiced Red Wine just needs to be heated.

Is my wine still good if there is sediment in the bottom of the bottle or on the cork?

Yes, the presence of sediment does not always indicate that the wine has gone bad.  All of our wine is made from whole fruit or fresh pressed juice and not from artificial flavors, so the naturally occurring compounds that are in fruit are still present.  All of our wines are filtered to clarify the wine, but solids can form in the wine after bottling. 

The Blackberry Wine may develop a sediment over time as a naturally occurring acid in the blackberries solidifies in the presence of alcohol.  A white dust like sediment can be seen in the bottle; if this occurs, let it fall to the bottom of the bottle before drinking.

Grape wines can develop a crystal called tartrates when chilled that resembles sugar.  You can sometimes see these on the bottom of the bottle in white wines or on the cork in red wines.  These are sometimes called 'wine diamonds' and is the same compound as cream of tartar.  Let the tartrates fall to the bottom of the bottle or use a filter or decanter when serving.

Have any more questions?

Please call us at 812-988-6144 or click below to fill out our contact form.